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Hi, I'm Kirsten

Software Engineer & Creative Technologist

I'm a software engineer with a focus on front-end web development and user experience. I have a background in design, and I've been building things on the internet for over 10 years. I love the web because it's so easy for anyone to make something and share it online; I'm always excited to see what extraordinary, beautiful, weird things people are making!

I live and work in the DC area, making websites and software for the internet. In my free time, you can often find me bouldering at the local climbing gym, sampling craft beers, or workin' on my night cheese.

What I Do

I bridge the gap between designers and developers. I ask a lot of questions, so that I can build the right solutions to the right problems. I put the user first. I strive to make everything I build inclusive and accessible, because the internet is for everybody.

Black Lives Matter. I'm proud to be part of Creatives for Black Lives - if you are a Black business owner or do work to support Black communities, I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me about pro bono web services.

Personal Projects

Things I've made in my spare time for fun or practical use.

Who Dis?

Face guessing game in React.

  • randomly generates Bitmoji faces with Libmoji library
  • uses CSS transforms and transitions to flip tiles
  • saves game state to localStorage

Project Case Study
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Code on GitHub


Browser-based kaleidoscope with HTML canvas.

  • captures device camera with getUserMedia()
  • performs triangle math calculations to reflect segments around a center point
  • integrates with Imgur API to save images

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Code on GitHub

Experiments & Prototypes

Code snippets for demos, testing, and proof-of-concept.

Cashflow Prototype

Design and animation concept to visualize cashflow data in a financial planning app.

Demo on Codepen

Line & Dot Animation

SVG animation to illustrate the idea of transforming a complicated problem into an organized solution.

Demo on Codepen

Typing Animation

Prototype of a website hero that rotates through different phrases with a typing animation.

Demo on Codepen

Professional Work

Some notable projects I've worked on over the years.


Donor relations software product.

  • worked on a team to build MVP web app
  • created templates and reusable components
  • led development of major new features
  • built marketing website

Project Case Study

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